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MK deals in Apple, Samsung, LG, ZTE and Motorola phones. We carry complete range of models in all conditions.

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Be it for your office or home use, MK carries all kinds of tablets for you and for your kids. Have a look at our list of featured products to shop the tablets that best suit you!

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Smart Watches


Wear a smart watch to stay updated in this smart world! Shop at MK for the newest models of smart watches.

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Cellphone Parts


MK is the one stop shop for buying the tiniest parts for your cellular needs. From LCDs to charging flex, we carry the smallest parts for all kinds of cellphones.

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Having problems with phones? Worry no more, MK is the best place to have your phone repaired. We deal in battery replacement, LCD repair and parts repair for all sort of mobile phones in the market.

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Cases, Glass Screen Protectors, Chargers, Cables, Headsets, AirPods, Speakers, Watch Bands, Pop Sockets... We've got it all! Shop at MK for all sort of accessories for your phone.

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